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Boarding school

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Salamanca Boarding School. We learn by living with others

Calasanz School, located in the city center of Salamanca, offers the possibility of living at its boarding school. In a favourable atmosphere of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, Calasanz boarding school is the best place for the personal and academic development of all students coming from abroad.


Students living outside the city of Salamanca, from the last years of Primary School to the end of the Sixth Form: Year 6 (ages 10-11) to Year 13 (ages17-18), who voluntarily want to make the most of this experience.

Coed boarding school

Distributed on several floors inside the school, its organization and structure are based on the students’ ages, gender and studies.

International character

An opportunity for growth and personal enrichment by learning to respect other cultures and languages.
“If children are educated from an early age in piety and study, it is to be expected that they will lead fulfilled lives”. Saint José de Calasanz.

Learning environment

In an environment which combines both professionalism and fellowship, students receive individual attention which caters to their specific needs.

“Friends forever”.

Friendship and mutual trust are both promoted at our boarding school. Living together with the rest of the students is an extraordinary way to learn to respect, comprehend and help others.

Developing values and ethical standards

The wide range of spaces, services, facilities, educators and students require following certain patterns which promote the respect needed for the successful pursuit of this project.

We are working to

  • Develop a rounded education with the support of Calasanz’s values.
  • Ensure a good academic performance.
  • Boost the personal development of the student by means of group relations as well as the activities and services our school offers.

We also offer

  • Study time and personal guidance led by educators: academic monitoring is carried out by both the students’ personal tutors and the school counsellor; they are all aimed at following up on their progress and provide advice to the students themselves and their families.
  • Study techniques and seminars in order to help students enhance their academic results. Moreover, they are offered support classes for any subject they may need.
  • Sports activities: we believe sports are essential in order to complete the most humanistic upbringing. In this respect, football, basketball, tennis, paddle, and judo are some of the activities offered at our school, for which several championships are organized throughout the school year.
  • Out-of-school activities: languages, music, chess, dance, and other activities complete their education.
  • Cultural activities: indoor film sessions, a useful manual of good practices, visiting museums around the city, attending talks and debates on relevant topics for teenagers and other programmed excursions.
  • Movimiento Calasanz: students are offered the chance to join youth groups of Faith, which will prepare them to receive the holy sacraments.
  • Social Action and Free Time: Through DAS (Social Action Department) Students get the chance to perform social actions as well as take part in different projects with which our school collaborates.

At your disposal:

  • Highly-skilled educators with expertise in dealing with students. These educators live with the boarding students at all times.
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance service.
  • School canteen service seven days a week.
  • Weekly laundry service.
  • Single bedrooms: each of them equipped with a study desk, chair, single bed, bedside table, shelf, wardrobe, and a washbasin.
  • Study rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Computer room with free internet access.
  • Audiovisual rooms.
  • Library.
  • Living room with TV and DVD.
  • Games room (pocket billiards, table tennis, board games).
  • Music room with instruments.
  • Church and chapel.
  • Indoor multi-sport pavilion.
  • «Frontón» and paddle tennis court.
  • Football pitch.
  • Basketball courts.
  • Handball courts.
  • Skating court.
  • Theatre with capacity for 1000 people.
  • Psychomotor learning rooms.
  • Parking area.

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